Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co, Ltd. January - May 2020


The Farm

Cambodia is going through a severe economic crisis and we have had to adapt to the sudden and complete collapse of tourism, which the Covid 19 virus has inflicted on Cambodia. Our dried fruit sales dried up, causing us to reinvent our way of doing business, in order to survive and keep everyone employed and well fed. The Lord gave Bunthoeun a new way to use the farm for agriculture and remain sustainable through the pandemic. Instead of manufacturing dried fruit, we are now growing free range chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, fish in two fish ponds and growing

organic vegetables, where there used to be old mango trees. A new drainage system for storm water was installed and the soil level raised one metre to the same level as the factory, from the middle of the block to the back fence. The land was originally a rice field and only the front half had been raised to road level.

Sadly Seyha and Sreyrat and their baby were called home by his parents and Tha, (with severe burns), also decided to leave and return to her sister's home so Soknow (14) can leave school and go to work. Her two young nephews will no longer be going to school either. Tha's sister can't afford to send them to school, so her decision is a disaster for her family. We pray that they will continue to grow in faith.

We praise God for giving Bunthoeun a vision of how to sustain the company in difficult times. All praise to God for His marvelous provision of finance to make the new changes needed for sustainable farming until the tourists return and the economy improves and garment factories reopen.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our staff and the ministry of Cambodian Harvest to the nation of Cambodia. May you know God's blessings in increasing measure. Marion


This year our church mission team has been concentrating on four villages in Kompong Thom Province, in the area where Bunthoeun spent his childhood. The land is poor and the people struggle to make a living. Their hearts are so open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They hear the message of salvation eagerly and joyfully get baptized. Many of them are bringing relatives and friends to know Jesus and many miracles of healing happen, which adds to their faith. When one of their number, an old lady died, they did not call in the monks but buried her themselves. Our Heavenly Father knows their need and He is pouring out His great love on them all. Jesus is being glorified. 

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