Cambodian Harvest Prayer Letter, August 2019


Dear Friends,

I am excited to let you know about some major changes have taken place over the past two months. I have taken a step back from being the CEO of Cambodian Harvest Dried Fruit Co. Ltd. Bunthoeun Thong, my faithful Deputy and Factory Manager for years has stepped up into that position and along with his wife, Netha, will head up the management of the Company. This is the plan that we had from the beginning of my vision, that ultimately Land Mine Survivors would take the reins and make sure the vision of the Company stays focused on the survivors. In addition they have caught the same vision for Kingdom missions and outreaches from our Church of the Redeemer, which is now located at the factory at Prek Dong, Kandal Province, close to Phnom Penh.

The second change has been to move the office in Phnom Penh to the factory, as a cost cutting measure. We are also struggling through the challenges that the current economic situation in Cambodia is causing, giving us much concern, as I have outlined in my last Newsletter. I have moved my office into my apartment in Toul Tompoung district 2. While this physically removes me from immediate contact with the office, it is only one hour away and easy to keep in touch by phone and email. So my role has now changed to one of advisor and I remain Pastor of our church. At first this change was a real challenge, but I have been stepping back consistently for the past year, thinking it would be a piece of cake when it happened, but in reality it took a bit more adjustment than I had imagined. I know that Bunthoeun and Netha are eminently capable of managing the Company and they carry the identical vision that the Lord gave me in 2000. Now that I have turned 80, it is timely that I step down. However, I will still assist with English communications, newsletters, reports and teaching and preaching. I am, however, free to be more flexible with my hours and enjoy other activities and friendships.

The church mission outreaches have exploded since we were joined by a 10 person mission team from my home church, Australasian Community Church in Adelaide, including my dear friend Robyn Annells. This team joined with our team and went to Kompong Thom villages, where Bunthoeun grew up and went to school. There was such unity as each one shared their testimonies and people were healed, and as a result 13 gave their lives to Christ and have since been baptized. This has grown each week since, resulting in believers from 3 villages meeting together for fellowship, worship and teaching. They have formed a new family and they are not isolated in their villages but know they are part of the big Body of Christ all around the world. What Holy Spirit is doing in each one is totally amazing and they are busy bringing other relatives and friends to Christ too. This is the joy of watching Bunthoeun and our team make disciples who in turn make disciples. Wonderful testimonies of healing and transformation of broken lives is a joy to see and hear. Most outstanding among them seems to have been a baptism of love, oozing out from previously hurting and hopeless people, causing them to share everywhere what God has done for them. Some of the new believers are really very poor, so we will be giving each of those families a rooster and 3 hens to provide them with eggs each day, because they are often out of food. Bunthoeun and the team will make hutches for each unit to protect the chickens from the local dogs, and teach them how to take care and expand to have chicken to eat and eggs to sell. Each chicken has been donated by our church members, who can see the need and are able to help. Church planting and micro finance all in one! We are also growing chickens and ducks at the factory, along with fish, to help our staff family with fresh food.

We want to express our sincere thanks to the mission group from AACC, who seem to have been the spark that lit these revival fires of love among us. We are so glad you came.

The old Ford Ranger 4WD has been costing so much to keep repaired and parts are not easily available any more. It is unsafe to drive with the roads needing a 4WD vehicle, and the gearbox is not working correctly and also the headlights are too dim for the road conditions. We urgently need a miracle to replace this vehicle as soon as possible. Our team leaves at 5am or 6am on a Saturday morning and does not get home until almost midnight. The wet season makes the roads doubly dangerous and slippery and one of the villages does not even have a road in - only a motorbike track in and out among the trees. We give praise and thanks to God every time they return safely. Some donations have started to come in.

Sales of our dried fruit have been very slow because the market is flooded with cheap and fake dried fruit sold at prices we cannot compete with. Consequently we are considering expanding into some other local products where there is not so much competition.

I believe we are in a Holy Spirit awakening in Cambodia, not only where we are but in many places right across the nation. It is exciting to see what the Lord is doing and be a part of the last great harvest of souls before Christ returns. We really need your prayers, while at the same time we thank God for all of you who have helped support this mission for many years. Because God is faithful and you, along with us, have been faithful, we are seeing Cambodia harvested before our very eyes. Please pray for the following:

1. An increasingly more powerful anointing of Holy Spirit power and amazing signs of transformed lives, people healed and the Gospel of the Kingdom transforming this nation's heart.

2. Pray that the possible return from self-exile of the former leader of the opposition in the next few weeks will not result in civil war.

3. Protection, health and strength for all of us as we share God's amazing love.

4. Financial provision for the factory and a vehicle to replace our dangerous old Ford Ranger.

5. Divine inspiration for new products to manufacture which will take off locally as well as internationally. Pray for the Cambodian economy to improve.

6. Pray for blessings on Bunthoeun and Netha for wisdom and increasing anointing for the work the Lord has given them. Pray for increase in every aspect of their ministry.

Thank you my dear friends for your loving support and encouragement to us and especially me, as we rejoice in the Lord and watch with awe and amazement at all the Lord is doing among us.

Love and blessings


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