Opening Celebration - Factory and Staff Houses 


We gladly welcomed Rod Richards, Marion Winn, Ruth Magarey & Jacqui & Philip Gifford from Dunsborough, & John & Valerie & Ben Carlsson from Shellharbour, to join with us for our opening celebration. Philip & Jacqui came as representatives from the missions group in Dunsborough Community Church. Carlsson's from Shell Harbour Baptist. We had a short & lovely video from Wendy Radford to add their blessings from AACC to the celebration.

It was a hectic week leading up to the event, with daily trips to the new factory to show our guests the new buildings & check on the final arrangements. On the day, three friends of mine, Velta from ICA Church, PP & Dawn & Nay from One Mile Church PP. Nay is Yin's daughter & she represented AACC on behalf of her mother. 18 locals joined us including the Community Commune leader and all five local police. Mr. Yin, who has supplied all our packaging for 13 years also joined us. Mr. Thai (printing supplier) was late but arrived in time for lunch!

Rod Richards greatly encouraged us as Key Note Speaker and spoke of obeying the vision God has given us and allowing the glory of God to be seen in our midst. I shared my original vision & milestones in our progress over the years & Bunthoeun shared his vision for the future factory and raising up the next generation of staff children in the ways of God & assisting the training and education of our children alongside the children from the village.

We dedicated two homes, one to the memory of Alice McCann & the other to Rosalie Annells. David Skeat sent us a lovely plaque on behalf of Australian Mercy.

The event concluded with a catered lunch for 70, (Cambodian wedding style but not so elaborate), which was really enjoyed by everyone.

Sadly Jacqui & Marion went down with a bout of gastric, which meant they were not able to attend Church on Sunday or go on the outreach to Roonlong Village, Bunthoeun's home town, on Sunday afternoon. I stayed with them & got Jacqui onto the right medication for her high fever, which was a different bug from Marion's. We praised God they were both well enough to fly home yesterday, although still fragile.

We were so blessed by our visitors and proud to show them all that the Lord has done here. Hopefully they have gone home with good reports after spying out the land!

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