Board of Directors

  • Mrs. Marion Fromm - Director E-mail:
  • Mr. Bunthoeun Thong - Deputy Director E-mail:


  • Mrs. Marion Fromm (Australian) - CEO 
  • Mr. Bunthoeun Thong - Deputy Director and Factory Manager
  • Mrs. Netha Pye - Administrator/Accountant/Finance Manager
  • Phallet - Sales Manager
  • Sreyleap Hong - Assistant Accountant
  • Bopha - Receptionist

Phnom Penh Sales Staff

Seim Reap Sales Staff

Factory Staff

Our current staff of 44 have the benefit of clean and healthy working conditions, higher than normal salaries, health care, employment training and opportunities for advancement for both male and female employees. Accommodation is currently provided on the premises for many of our staff and the security staff with more housing planned in the near future.

The Cambodian Harvest senior management team have all survived land mine accidents. We provide employees with an improved quality of life, restoration of self-esteem, job security, poverty alleviation and the ability to feed and educate their families, returning them to a normal life and giving families hope for the future.

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